Knut Lundmark (1889-1958)

This web site is dedicated to the memory of the Swedish pioneering astronomer and humanist, professor Knut Emil Lundmark.

The site was established in the spring of 2012 as part of the 75 year anniversary celebration of the Astronomical Society of Tycho Brahe. This is a society for astronomy devotees based in Lund and Malmö in the South of Sweden, that Lundmark founded in 1937.

Knut Lundmark was a polyhistor in the best sense of the word. His unusually broad knowledge base is often mentioned in descriptions of him: professional scientist, a pioneer especially within galaxy research, but also deeply fascinated by the basically democratic mission to bring the new findings to the general public, as well as by the long history of astronomy.

Lundmark's contacts within cultural life were impressive and for the Swedish people in general he became more known as a cultural person and missionary for astronomy than for his scientific pioneer research. Born as a poor farmer boy in the North of Sweden he became widely known as a learned professor in the university city of Lund. He was thus generally considered to be the person to ask any astronomy-related question.

The main emphasis for this site lies on documents, facts and illustrations focused on his life and achievements. Under each thematic tab we present hopefully relevant and interesting information.

This web site should be considered as an on-going and developing project, a continual process into which new material is added as it emerges.

The main responsibles for the material are Peter Linde (astronomer)  and Ulf R Johansson (cultural journalist). They appreciate any comments on the site and additional material about Lundmark. The tab "Contacts" contains relevant email addresses. 

Note to international readers: The site's translation into English is a gradual (and possibly slow) process. Some material will remain in Swedish only. We still hope that international readers will be able to find some items of interest.


Web editor: Peter Larsson

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