Kvp mars88 thumbOne of the major authorities on Knut Lundmark was the Stockholm astronomer Anita Sundman (1942-2010). She wrote the biography ’Den Befriade Himlen - Ett porträtt av Knut Lundmark’ (’The Delivered Heaven - A portrait of Knut Lundmark’), which was published by Carlson's publishing house in 1988. One of the most revealing information in the book is the depiction of Lundmark's big project on a galaxy catalogue  and why it was never completed.

The history of Lundmark's life can be read in his memoir, a chapter in ’Astronomiska upptäckter, del II’ (’Astronomical Discoveries, Part II’) (1952), and in the memorial  ’Knut Lundmark och världsrymdens erövring, en minnesskrift' (' Knut Lundmark and man´s march into space, a memorial volume’) (1961).

Important information about Knut Lundmark's life and work is found in Johan Kärnfelt's (historian of ideas and science) both writings ’Till stjärnorna - Studier i populärastronomins vetenskapshistoria under tidigt svenskt 1900-tal’ (’To the stars - Studies on the history of popular astronomy in early Swedish 1900s’) (2004) and ’Allt mellan himmel och jord - Om Knut Lundmark, astronomin och den publika kunskapsbildningen’ (’Everything under the sun : Knut Lundmark, astronomy and the public appropriation of science ’) (2009).

Naturally, in some writings that are focusing on Lund's observatory, the history of Knut Lundmark is told: ’Astronomien i Lund 1667-1936’ (’Astronomy in Lund 1667-1936’) (written by Lundmark himself, published 1937), ’ Astronomiska observatoriet vid Lunds universitet’ (’Astronomical Observatory at Lund University’) by Carl Schalén, Nils Hansson and Arvid Leide (1968) and ’Lundaögon mot stjärnorna - Astronomin i Lund under fem sekler’ (’The sky as seen from Lund - Astronomy in Lund for five centuries’) (2003, eds. Lennart Lindegren and Ingemar Lundström).

Lundmark's pioneering effort in the galaxy astronomy is discussed in Gustav Holmberg's dissertation in 1999, entitled ’Reaching for the Stars: Studies in the History of Swedish Stellar and Nebular Astronomy, 1860-1940’.

Anita Sundman also wrote about Knut Lundmark in Nationalencyklopedin (the Swedish National Encyclopedia) and gave us a rich, full-bodied personal history in Svenskt Biografiskt Lexikon( the Swedish Biographical Dictionary). From the latter (published by the Swedish National Archives (Riksarkivet)), the entire Lundmark depiction is shown below in Swedish.


Svenskt Biografiskt Lexikon

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