There are (at least) three celestial bodies, which are associated with the name of Lundmark. They are a crater on the far side of the moon, a minor planet and a galaxy.

Lundmark is a large eroded crater on the far side of the Moon (lat.: 39.7ºS, long.: 152.5°E) with a diameter of 106 km. It is situated South-east of Mare Ingenii, one of the rare mare areas on the backside of the moon. It is almost connected at the South-East outer rim with the Koch crater. North-East of Lundmark is the overfilled Jules Verne crater.

Lundmark is a heavily eroded and partly destroyed formation. A large number of younger craters exist both inside and on the crater rim itself. The satellite crater Lundmark B is situated on the north-east rim and Lundmark D is lying across the eastern crater rim. There is a group of several small craters on the south-east crater floor and also a group of craters in the uneven terrain between Lundmark and Koch.

Photo: NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, 2010


The minor planet 1334 Lundmarka is named after Knut Lundmark.


Discovered by: K. Reinmuth
Place of dicovery: Heidelberg
Date of discovery: July 16, 1934
MPC designation: 1334
Other name: 1934 OB

Orbital elements

Epoch: May 14, 2008
Aphelium: 3.188 AU
Perihelium: 2.639 AU
Eccentricity: 0.0945
Orbital period: 4.97 years
Mean anomaly: 248.73 degrees
Inclination: 11.46 degrees
Long. of ascending node: 133.25 degrees
Argument of perihelium: 130.72 degrees

Physical properties

30 km
Albedo: 0.0600
Absolute magnitude (H) 11.3


The position of Lundmarka in May 2012. The magnitude is approximately V=16.9. 

One galaxy is named after Lundmark, namely the Wolf-Lundmark-Melotte galaxy. The WLM galaxy is an irregular galaxy discovered by Max Wolf in 1909. It is situated in the outskirts of the Local Group of galaxies. This was discovered by Knut Lundmark and Philbert Jacques Melotte in 1926.


Constellation Cetus (Whale)
Right ascension 00h 01m 58s
Declination -15° 27′ 39″
Distance 3 million lightyears
Type Irregular
Angular size 11′.5 × 4′.2
Other names WLM, DDO 221, UGCA 444, PGC 143

ESO Views Wolf Lundmark Melotte Galaxy