Lundmark is a large eroded crater on the far side of the Moon (lat.: 39.7S, long.: 152.5E) with a diameter of 106 km. It is situated South-east of Mare Ingenii, one of the rare mare areas on the backside of the moon. It is almost connected at the South-East outer rim with the Koch crater. North-East of Lundmark is the overfilled Jules Verne crater.

Lundmark is a heavily eroded and partly destroyed formation. A large number of younger craters exist both inside and on the crater rim itself. The satellite crater Lundmark B is situated on the north-east rim and Lundmark D is lying across the eastern crater rim. There is a group of several small craters on the south-east crater floor and also a group of craters in the uneven terrain between Lundmark and Koch.

Photo: NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, 2010